Start-Up Visa

What are the main requirements?

This Start-up visa category is for people seeking to establish a business in the UK for the first time.  Applicants will have an Innovative, Viable and Scalable business idea which is supported by an Endorsing Body.  This category offers leave to enter the UK for two years and does not lead directly to settlement in the UK, but applicants may progress into the Innovator category.

  • Applicants must have their business proposition endorsed by a Home Office registered Endorsing Body
  • The Endorsing Body will need to be satisfied that the business proposition is Innovative, Viable and Scalable. If so satisfied, the Endorsing Body will issue the applicant with an Endorsement Letter

The applicants must:

  • satisfy the English language requirement;
  • satisfy the Maintenance requirements for themselves and each dependant family member; and
  • satisfy the Home Office that they are a genuine, credible applicant. They may be invited to attend a credibility interview.

If the visa is approved leave will initially be granted for a period of two years.  There is no provision in the rules for an applicant to extend their visa.  The expectation is that after two years the migrant will apply to switch into the Innovator category.

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