Divorce and Separation

At Bhogal & Co. Solicitors, we understand that the breakdown of a marriage is a very personal issue. It is, therefore, our aim to offer a personalised service to all of our clients and to ensure that their case is progressed as swiftly, amicably and cost effectively as possible. It is our role to take the emotion out of the situation and assist you in finding tailor-made solutions that will hopefully enable everyone to move on with their lives in an amicable way, something which is especially important where children are involved.

Our approach to costs is open and frank. Our charges are calculated on the basis of the time we spend working on your matter. The hourly rates for the different levels of experience of our team members are competitive. Family problems and relationship breakdown can be stressful enough without the additional worry of meeting legal fees and we are often able to agree litigation funding arrangements to suit your particular needs and circumstances.

Grounds for divorce
The law relating to divorce is covered by the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973. Under this legislation, the only way to obtain a divorce is for the parties to have been married for one year and for it to be shown that there has been an “irretrievable breakdown” between them.

To demonstrate an “irretrievable breakdown” has occurred, one of the following five grounds must be proved:

There are only four grounds in respect of a civil partnership because adultery is not currently an applicable ground.  Adultery is an applicable ground in a gay marriage and all 5 grounds set out above apply to a gay marriage.

Divorce procedure
There is a 4-stage timetable for progressing a divorce to its completion.

Dealing with the financial issues and/or arrangements in respect of the children
When dealing with a divorce, it is important to remember that the divorce itself will only legally separate you from your spouse and will not address your respective financial claims against each other. There may also be a need to seek legal advice in connection with the arrangements for the children. Indeed, the work involved in obtaining a divorce is normally straightforward – with the majority of the work carried out by a family solicitor being in connection with resolving the financial issues or arrangements in respect of children.

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