Residential Conveyancing Fees


In line with the transparency rules laid down by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, Bhogal & Co. Solicitors have a transparent solicitor fee structure for legal advice, applications, court work and in respect of our Residential Conveyancing Fees. We offer a range of service options to suit your needs, with the aim of helping the public make informed choices about who to instruct.

The priced listed below are for guidance only. We will give you an accurate quote reflecting the complexity and urgency of your case in advance of any work undertaken.

All Prices are subject to VAT @ 20%

If you decide to instruct us, we will request a payment on account of the legal costs we have estimated. Typically, this is between £500 and £1000 excluding vat.

In our Client Care Letter, which you will receive at the start of your case, we publish hourly fee rates for our professional staff; however, when quoting for work, we normally provide a range of potential fees to cover all work on your application.

In our Client Care Letter, you will be refered to our terms of business.

We adopt a collegiate approach to our work, which means that lawyers of varying experience, from paralegals to qualified solicitors, may work on your case at different times. We will make clear in our client engagement letter who is responsible for your file, and we will name the remaining members of the team whom you can expect to know about the progress of your case.

Almost all of the residential conveyancing work which we undertake is done on a fixed fee basis.  This means that our fees are fixed at the outset and will not change unless unforeseen or additional work is required during the course of the transaction.  It is uncommon that this occurs but we have provided some examples later on which outline certain circumstances which may lead to costs increasing.  Our fixed fee is usually based on the value of the property but there are some other factors which may affect it, such as if the property is leasehold or is being purchased under the Help to Buy Scheme.

In addition to our fees there are also payments that we will commonly make on your behalf to third parties known as disbursements.  In most cases we will be able to give a clear indication of the disbursements payable in connection with a transaction at the outset, however, in some cases there may be additional disbursements necessary that were not envisaged at the beginning of the transaction.  A typical example of this would be an indemnity insurance policy required in relation to some defect or obtaining replacement compliance certificates as the originals are missing.

We have detailed below our pricing table for residential conveyancing matters and have also provided some examples of typical transactions.  Our fees are the same for both sale and purchase matters and assume that:

  • it is a standard transaction and that no unforeseen matters arise including for example (but not limited to) a defect in title which requires remedying prior to completion or the preparation of additional documents ancillary to the main transaction
  • the transaction is concluded in a timely manner and no unforeseen complications arise
  • all parties to the transaction are co-operative and there is no unreasonable delay from third parties providing documentation


Our fees:

Our fees for the vast majority of residential conveyancing transactions are set out in the table below:

Purchase Price Our Fees – freehold property (including VAT)
£80,000 £450 (£540)
£100,000 £500 (£600)
£120,000 £550 (£660)
£140,000 £600 (£720)
£160,000 £650 (£780)
£180,000 £675 (£810)
£200,000 £700 (£840)
£220,000 £750 (£900)
£240,000 £800 (£960)
£260,000 £850 (£1,020)
£280,000 £900 (£1,080)
£300,000 £950 (£1,140)
£320,000 £1,000 (£1,200)
£340,000 £1,050 (£1,260)
£360,000 £1,100 (£1,320)
£380,000 £1,150 (£1,380)
£400,000 £1,200 (£1,440)
£420,000 £1,250 (£1,500)
£440,000 £1,300 (£1,560)
£460,000 £1,350 (£1,620)
£480,000 £1,400 (£1,680)
£500,000 £1,450 (£1,740)
Up to £550,000 £1,500 (£1,800)
£550,001 – £600,000 £1,600 (£1,920)
£600,001 – £700,000 £1,700 (£2,040)

For leasehold properties add £125 plus VAT

For Help to Buy mortgages add £100 plus VAT

For any properties exceeding £700,000 in value please contact one of our offices for a quote.

The only addition to our fixed fee is the amount that we charge for making same-day electronic payments.  For each payment we charge a sum of £25.00 + VAT, in addition there is a Bank Telegraphic Transfer fee £30.00 .  Same-day payments will always be required in the following cases:

  • Where we are acting on your behalf in relation to a purchase, then on the day of completion the purchase monies need to be sent by same-day transfer.
  • If we are acting for you in a sale or re-mortgage and your existing mortgage needs to be repaid, then this will need to be sent by same-day transfer.



For all shared ownership properties we charge a fixed fee of £750.00 plus VAT (£900.00 inclusive) and disbursements irrespective of value.



For all simple mortgages and re-mortgages (with no transfer of equity involved) we charge a fixed of £300 plus VAT (£360.00 inclusive) and disbursements irrespective of value.


Common disbursements in relation to purchase transactions:


Regulated Local Authority Search including highways plan £94.00
CON29 DW – Drainage and Water search £61.00
Environmental Search £51.00
Chancel Repair Search £24.00
Land Registry priority fee £3.00 per title
Bankruptcy searches (where there is a mortgage) £2.00 per individual

Land Registry registration fee – this is a scale fee based on the value of the property and we have provided a useful link to the Land Registry’s fee calculator here:

Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) – the SDLT payable in connection with the purchase of a property will depend on the both the value of the property and the circumstances of the buyer, for example, whether or not they are a first time buyer or if they already own other properties.  To find out the amount of Stamp Duty Land Tax payable in connection with your transaction we have provided a link to HMRC’s Stamp Duty Land Tax calculator tool here:


Please note: The types and number of searches carried out in respect of a property will depend on several factors.  Some searches are mandatory and must be carried if they are a requirement of your mortgage lender.  Others will depend on either personal preference, or, may be advised depending on the situation or location of the property.

If searches are done in bundles or packages.  For example a local authority, water and drainage and environmental search, then the prices may be lower.  There are also a range of other searches available such as, mining, planning, flood searches etc. which we can quote for where required.


Additional disbursements relating to leasehold purchases:

  • Notice of Assignment and/or Charge fee.  This will vary on a case to case basis and the notice fee is often specified in the Lease or in the replies to Leasehold Property Enquiries.
  • You may find in a leasehold purchase transaction that you are obliged to make apportioned payments of the Ground Rent and Service Charge, if the seller of the property has made these payments in advance.
  • Deed of Covenant fee (where required).  In some cases it will be a condition of the Lease that the incoming purchaser enters into a direct deed of covenant with the Landlord or Management Company and there is often a fee for this document.


Common disbursements in relation to sale transactions:

  • Official copies of the title register and title plan  £6.00
  • Official copies of any other documents held by the Land Registry   3.00 (per document)
  • Search of the Index Map (unregistered properties)  £4.00
  • Land Charges searches (unregistered properties)  £2.00 per name


Additional disbursements relating to leasehold sales:

  • Leasehold Property Enquiries (LPE 1)/Assignment pack – these are usually provided by either the Landlord or Management Company and will vary.  Leasehold property enquiries will often cost in the region of £100.00 – £250.00 and sometimes more.
  • There are sometimes other additional requirements for leasehold property, for example if a prescribed Deed of Covenant must be entered into by the incoming purchaser.  There is often a charge for the provision of these documents.


What is included in our fixed fee and what work will we carry out:

Our fees cover all of the work required to complete the sale or purchase of your property, including dealing with registration of the property with the Land Registry and dealing with the payment of Stamp Duty Land Tax (Stamp Duty) if the property is in England, or Land Transaction Tax (Land Tax) if the property you wish to buy is in Wales.


For a purchase we will:

  • Take your instructions and give you initial advice
  • Check finances are in place to fund purchase and contact lender’s solicitors if needed
  • Receive and advise on contract documents
  • Carry out searches
  • Obtain further planning documentation if required
  • Make any necessary enquiries of seller’s solicitor
  • Give you advice on all documents and information received
  • Go through conditions of mortgage offer
  • Send final contract to you for signature
  • Draft Transfer
  • Advise you on joint ownership
  • Obtain pre-completion searches
  • Agree completion date (date from which you own the property)
  • Exchange contracts and notify you that this has happened
  • Arrange for all monies needed to be received from lender and you
  • Complete purchase
  • Deal with payment of Stamp Duty/Land Tax
  • Deal with application for registration at Land Registry


For a sale we will:

  • Take your instructions and give you initial advice
  • Obtain title deeds or Land Registry entries to deduce title to the property
  • Send Property Information Forms to you to be completed
  • Send draft contract, title documentation and completed information forms to the buyer’s solicitor
  • Liaise with you in respect of any enquiries raised by the buyer’s solicitor
  • Reply to enquiries and requests for documentation made by the buyer’s solicitor
  • Approve draft transfer prepared by buyer’s solicitor
  • Send approved contract and transfer to you for signature
  • Send replies to completion information and undertaking form to the buyer’s solicitor
  • Agree completion date
  • Obtain a repayment figure for your mortgage (if you have one)
  • Exchange contracts and notify you that this has happened
  • Complete sale
  • Arrange for the repayment of your mortgage (if you have one)
  • Account to you for the net proceeds of sale


Examples of things not included in our fixed fee and which may lead to additional costs:

  • If there is a defect with legal title to the property;
  • Where the property is unregistered;
  • Preparing a non-standard declaration of trust for joint owners.

We will always revise our fee estimate upon becoming aware of any additional work and will not incur any extra costs without seeking your prior authority.


EXAMPLE 1 – Purchase of a (registered) freehold property valued at £260,000.00 by an individual with a mortgage and who is not a first time buyer:

Our fees (£850.00 plus VAT)  £1,020.00
Our bank fee (£25.00 plus VAT)       £30.00
Local, drainage and environmental searches     £204.00
Land Registry priority search         £3.00
Bankruptcy search         £2.00
Land registry registration fee     £135.00
Bank Telegraphic Fee       £30.00
Total  £1,424.00

In addition, on the basis of this being the purchaser’s only property, there would be Stamp Duty Land Tax of £3,000.00 payable in connection with the purchase.


EXAMPLE 2 – Sale of a leasehold property valued at £160,000.00 by a couple with a mortgage to redeem (pay-off):

Our fees (£775.00 plus VAT)    £930.00
Our bank fee (£25.00 plus VAT)      £30.00
Land Registry official copies of title register and plans      £12.00
(required for leasehold and freehold titles)
Official copy of Lease (if sellers don’t have original or certified copy)        £3.00
*Replies to LPE1 enquiries provided by Landlord    £180.00
Bank Telegraphic Fee       £30.00
Total £1,185.00

*Please note that this fee can vary widely and in this case the figure has been used for illustrative purposes


How long will my house purchase take?

How long it will take from your offer being accepted until you can move in to your house will depend on a number of factors including the length of any chain that you are in and the circumstances of other parties.

We would say that most purchases complete within about 8-12 weeks but can be quicker or slower, depending on the parties in the chain. For example, if you are a first time buyer, purchasing a new build property with a mortgage in principle, it could take only 6 – 8 weeks (assuming the property is ready to occupy). However, on the other extreme if you are buying a leasehold property that requires an extension of the lease, this can take significantly longer, between 2 and 3 months!


For the most accurate quote we always advise contacting a member of our conveyancing team, who will be happy to discuss your particular requirements with you and provide you with a tailored quote.