Immigration law is becoming stricter, making it harder for UK businesses to hire migrants to work and live in the United Kingdom. Our immigration solicitors can help your business comply with complex immigration laws. We also help migrants looking to invest or start businesses in the UK

Bhogal & Co Solicitors is a niche firm of specialist immigration law and human rights solicitors.

We have over 20 of experience has Solicitors and a reputation for professional, honest and expert legal advice.

Bhogal & Co Solicitors is a centre of excellence. Every application, we prepare his tailor-made and thoroughly researched. As a result, our success rate is high.

Bhogal and Co Solicitors can assist in all aspects of immigration law including:

  • Business visitor Visa
  • Global business mobility Visa
  • Innovator Visa
  • Prevention of illegal working
  • Skilled worker Visa
  • UK Visa sponsor license.

Business immigration law is complex and no two issues are the same. Our immigration team offer a bespoke service that doesn’t just help with a one-off application. We work closely with you to offer tailor-made advice and solutions to ensure you have the correct policies in place so you can comply with the regulations.

Bhogal & Co Solicitors is an accredited by the law society and follows the highest practice management standards and has been awarded the Lexcel accreditation.

If you require any assistance in all aspects of  Business Immigration law, please contact one of our immigration solicitors immediately (0121) 523 7171 or alternatively please complete the simple form below with your inquiry.